Villa Marinela


Utterly preserved visage of the ancient stone house reminds us of timeless true values and the ease of passage of time.
Villa Marinela’s appearance is now as it always was; beautiful in its originality, relaxing in its steadfastness, noble in its simplicity. Traditional Dalmatian house with green window panels. Stone walls hide two separate spaces, modernly designed and tuned to provide comfort and pleasure.
Ana and Marinela suites bare the names of two exceptional persons and are a testament in their own right to their peculiar characters and outlooks.
It were exactly their charismatic personalities that were an inspiration for decoration of the interior in which everything is toned towards the pleasure of relaxation. Whether you wish to have an essential oils bath with the sound of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, shade the cool guest room and in the silence surrounded by stony walls shut down all the outside world impulses or simply have a nap to the sound of the sea.
People looking for rewards for their achievements, know, that the greatest value is in time you bestow yourself to enjoy, rest and have a peaceful moment.

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Suite Ana Suite Marinela

About the place

Tučepi saw stronger development during the 60’ when construction began in the Kraj village situated at the coast. Since, Tučepi have gradually developed and grown into a well known tourist destination, of 1760 folk living in on near it. Tučepi is home to a modern marina capable of servicing both fishing and tourist boats and yachts. First hotel in the Tučepi, hotel Jadran (Adriatic) was built in 1950 in the beautiful surrounding of pine woods and gravel-sand beach.

Tučepi are well known for the longest beach in the Makarska Riviera (in access of 3km / 2miles) along which goes a beautiful walk along the pine shaded walkway. Football court, tennis center with five courts, multiple catering venues all provide the most of the rich tourist attraction of Tučepi who are annually rewarded prestigious rewards for high quality of their tourist and catering facilities and general town look.


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Dracevice 39, Tucepi, Croatia
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